Here it is again - one of the best pistols in the world - KORRIPHILA HSP 701, the legendary large-calibre pistol developed by Edgar Budischowsky.

The pistol KORRIPHILA HSP 701 is an innovation based on the KORRIPHILA HSP 70. The new roller block locking system reduces shooting recoil to a minimum. The double action feature guarantees utmost safety and reliability.

Technical data and special items of the HSP 701:

Calibers: .45 ACP, 9 mm Luger (Para)
.38 Super Automatic, 7,65 Luger (Para)
Overall lenght: 207 mm (5" Version), 182 mm (4" Version)
Overall height: 136 mm
Thickness on slide: 25 mm
Thickness over grips: 34 mm
Barrel lenght: 127 mm (5"), 101 mm (4")
Trigger weight: SA about 1.800 g; DA about 4.800 g
Weight with emty magazine: about 1.200 g (5") , about 1.000g (4")
Magazine cartridges: 7 rounds .45 ACP, 9 rounds 9mm Lunger (Para)
Rear Sight: adjustable in height and sidewards
Breech-locking syst.: delay roller block (BUDISCHOWSKY-System)
Material: stainless Damast Steel or black finished

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